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About me

I have my GP to thank for pointing me in the direction of Naturopathic Nutrition Therapy, I was completely frustrated by the lack of options – other thank long-term medication (which I was unwilling to do) to treat my chronic illness.  


I was also desperate to understand what was happening in my body and more importantly why, so I could repair the damage to my bodily systems, enabling them to function optimally and regain full health, rather than just damping down the symptoms with medication.  

The realisation that there were so many possibilities for Natural Intervention led me to make the decision to study Naturopathic Nutrition with The College of Naturopathic Medicine.


‘Health’ in the western world is now a mass market product, that people want to achieve by buying it off the shelf – when in fact the simplest route to a healthy life is through balance – balanced diet and balanced lifestyle and exercise.


Eating for many is now just a necessity for instant fuel or a habit that is over indulged.  So often there is little to no awareness of the damage certain food groups can cause to many of the bodily systems, and unfortunately even less knowledge of the many great healing powers of so many wholefoods.  


It is however possible to eat for both health and for pleasure - It is my mission to educate people in order for them to make informed food choice decisions and assist in striking a balance and enabling an easy, enjoyable and healthful diet.


I am passionate about food and love to cook, creating new functional recipes that can be used to support and improve health and vitality I also provide tailored menu plans and recipes for individuals based on :

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My GP suggested I could investigate food triggers – which revealed the world of Nutrition Therapy, Functional Medicine and Functional Foods.

  • Age group requirement

  • General state of heath

  • Specific health concerns

  • Current nutrient levels

  • Lifestyle and activity levels