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The information and recommendations provided should not be taken as medical advice.  The author will not accept liability for self-prescription.  References available on request

Comprehensive Consultation

The comprehensive consultation is tailored to focus on any health concerns and / or goals set by you - the client.


Prior to your initial consultation you will be sent a Health Questionnaire, to be completed in advance of your appointment.  The Health Questionnaire is designed to provide a foundation for your consultation by giving an insight into your current health and often indicates areas of diet and lifestyle that can be improved upon.  


Providing this information in advance ensures that any possible contributory factors which may be behind your symptoms or health concerns can be identified.  


Please ensure the Health Questionnaire is completed and returned within 2 days of your consultation - This will save valuable time during the consultation.


Your initial consultation will take approximately one hour during which your Health Goals will be confirmed and we will discuss your medical history, and each of your body systems in order to identify any biochemical imbalances that may be contributing to your overall health and wellbeing.  


We will then work together to agree your health priorities and an personalised Nutrition Plan will be created, taking into account your personal situation and circumstances. Your plan may include recommendations concerning diet, lifestyle, exercise and will take into account any current prescription medications.  


Follow up appointments, supplements and non invasive clinical testing may also be recommended.



Initial Consultation - £65.00

Follow up consultation - £35.00




I'm always happy to discuss requirements before making a booking.  To arrange a no obligation introductory telephone appointment to ensure the right consultation for you, please email or telephone me - 07804 619 919



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