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30 Day Ultra Clear Detox

Today, we are all exposed to toxic or non-natural substances from the foods we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the materials we encounter (clothing, building materials, carpeting and others) which challenge our bodies or overburden our systems.


In addition, we produce toxins within our bodies in digestion and elimination, combating disease and infection, and dealing with stress.


Designed to support the following:

  • Detoxification (toxin clearance)

  • Liver support

  • Weight loss kick-start

  • Allergy / Elimination


What is the Ultra Clear Detox?

This is a simple 30 day programme in association with Nutri Advance UltraClear Plus PH – a nutritional food supplement designed to support healthy energy production and detoxification by providing a comprehensive range of nutrients scientifically formulated to nutritionally support the liver and its metabolic pathways so that toxins may be more effectively removed from the body.  


The programme gradually removes specific food groups whilst slowly introducing the supportive supplements.  The programme is simple to follow and you should feel full at meals (not deprived) and should be able to continue your normal activities, including eating away from home or entertaining friends.



What will I receive?

  • Simple instructions explaining what to do, when and why throughout the program

  • Foods list – which to avoid and which to enjoy

  • 30 day meal plan

  • Recipes

  • 30 days supplement supply (2 x Nutri Advanced Ultraclear PH)





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