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The information and recommendations provided should not be taken as medical advice.  The author will not accept liability for self-prescription.  References available on request

Diet M.O.T

The food industry is a minefield - particularly the many products that are designed to look "healthy" yet are packed with hidden salt & sugar.


The Diet M.O.T is designed to identify areas within your diet that can be improved upon, quite often there are just small changes to be made that can provide big results such as weight loss and increased energy.


Prior to your Diet M.O.T you will be sent a seven day Food Diary to be completed.  The Food Diary will provide an insight into your current diet and help to identify areas for improvement, particularly concentrating on hiden sugar and salt and the potential impact on your nutritional status.


You will receive:

  • A telephone consultation

  • A 20 page report detailing your nutrient intake against the recommendations of the British Nutrition Society.  Including calories, macronutrients (fat, protein and carbohydrates), vitamins, mineals, essential fatty acids, sugar and salt.

  • Recommendations to improve your diet

  • Advice on how to balance your meals to ensure your nutritional needs are met

  • Email support  


You will also learn how to optimise your nutrition with diet and lifestyle recommendations.


Small changes can provide big results such as weight loss and increased energy!


Follow up appointments, supplements and non invasive clinical testing may also be recommended.



Diet M.O.T - £35.00



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