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For a healthy start in life  

Fertility, Preconception, Pregnancy, Baby Feeding, Weaning and kids nutrition from tots to teens!


Fertility MOT

There is no question that healthy nutrition lays down the foundations for a healthy pregnancy and baby. There are key nutrients that play essential roles in creating and maintaining healthy eggs and sperm that will go on to fertilise, implant and grow in an optimally healthy environment.  In the UK, one in six couples struggles to get pregnant, and one in four sadly ends in a miscarriage.  


The Journal of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine conducted a survey involving 367 couples who took a daily programme of supplements including vitamins, minerals, and other select nutrients and made dietary changes designed to increase their fertility.

An incredible 89% became pregnant and gave birth (nearly 9 out of 10) with no miscarriages. 204 of these couples had a previous history of reproductive problems, and 86% achieved healthy pregnancies - This was accomplished solely through nutrition: no IVF, no hormones, and no prescription drugs -- just dietary changes and supplements.


It takes at least three months for immature eggs to develop to maturity and for healthy sperm to mature, and so this is the minimum time period required to ensure that all of the factors necessary for a healthy conception and pregnancy are present.


What is included?

  • A comprehensive consultation based on your answers to the Pre Appointment Health & Toxin Exposure Questionnaire

  • Vitamin D test - studies show deficiency in vitamin D made can impact fertility.  Healthy levels of vitamin D promotes immune cells that help to maintain a pregnancy.

  • Zinc test – studies show that zinc depletion can impact fertility and zinc helps vitamin D to absorb calcium as well as supporting the immune system

  • A list of fertility ‘super foods’

  • A meal plan and recipes

  • 1 follow up consultation

  • Ongoing telephone and email support


Follow up appointments and further non invasive clinical testing may also be recommended.  It is recommended that both partners take part



Single (one partner) - £130.00

Single 30 (includes 1 month supplement supply) - £190.00

Single 60 (includes 2 months 10% discounted supplement supply) - £238.00

Single 90 (includes 3 months 20% discounted supplement supply) - £274.00


Double (both partners) - £250.00

Double 30 (includes 1 month supplement supply) - £340.00

Double 60 (includes 2 months 10% discounted supplement supply) - £412.00

Double 90 (includes 3 months 20% discounted supplement supply) - £466.00



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