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Food Intolerance Testing

Taking a Food Intolerance Test is quick and easy using a very simple finger prick blood collection wand system.  


Tests can be ordered and delivered for you to complete in the comfort of your own home or you can arrange for me to complete the test with you (£10 charge applies).


The sample is then posted back to the Laboratory (in a pre-paid envelope), tested and analysed for IgG antibody reactions to a maximum of 150 food and drink ingredients depending on your choice of test.


A results pack and report is then sent out to you.


Choosing a test

When choosing which test to take, you should pick the one with the most foods on it that you eat regularly for complete food test listing click on the green button below:





Price List

The following Food Intolerance Tests are available:


Lorisian 50 - £99

Lorisian 75 - £149

Lorisian 100 - £200 - inclusive of a telephone consultation

Lorisian 150plus - £300 - inclusive of a telephone consultation


Specifically for IBS sufferers

Lorisian 150plus IBS - £325- inclusive of extra dietary advice and a telephone consultation

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