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Wonderful Weaning Workshop 6~12 months

Whilst the saying is: “food under one is just for fun”

What it should mean is: FEEDING under one is just for fun”.


Feeding time should be fun, adventurous and stress free, but the foods you are giving your little one are setting the blueprint for their future eating habits and food preferences.


The wonderful weaning workshops are aimed to demystify food introduction and guide you through what, when and how to introduce a balanced and nutritious diet for your little one.  The workshop concentrates on food, not feeding methods and is suitable for baby led, spoon fed or a combination weaning, covering:


Starting Out

  • How to make healthy food choices and make the transistion from breast / formula feeding to nutritious varied foods.


Foods to avoid

  • What, why, current guidelines and how to read the labels


Fabulous First Foods

  • What, why and how to introduce the top ten most nutritious and suitable first food for weaning


6 week food introduction schedule

  • Laminated for you to take away an use at home


Foods to thrive on , not just survive on

  • Learn about the 5 major food groups, why they are important for your growing little one and the foods to introduce.


Balanced plate for balanced nutrition

  • Learn about food groups and how to provide a wide range of nutrients from a balanced diet.  Meal plans and recipes are included.


The workshops are relaxed and informal, babies are welcome to attend and a small play area is available.  


Workshop Price : £15 per person

One to One Price : £35


Workshops run for approximately an hour and are also available on a one to one basis or private group booking in your own home – please contact me for more information.


Cant make the workshop? Download the                           &

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